Fashion Trends Avoid It If your short stature

September 7th, 2015

Hindari Tren Fashion Ini Jika Anda Bertubuh Pendek

Having a high body is making fashion choices range that can be applied to more varied, but that does not mean it makes us short stature became not have much choice type of fashion that we can apply. Although short stature, we still have many options to still look fashionable with fashion styles we choose.

But, as mentioned there are 5 fashion trends that it should be avoided if we are short :

1. Tunic Tops
Tops this type would be very fitting indeed if we want to give the impression of a proportional body if we are too skinny. But, not to offend, the boss of this kind will not look pretty when worn by our short stature.

2. Oversized Layering
While they were trying to look fashionable tall with fashion style this one, we were short stature should avoid this style. Clothing style double-double slightly oversized in the body will make us short stature it looks shorter.

3. Horizontal Stripes
If you think the horizontal patterns on your clothes will create the illusion that you seem taller, you are wrong. Therefore, the horizontal patterns on the clothes actually make you look shorter. If you like a pattern of lines, try to replace the horizontal patterns on your clothes into a vertical line. You’ll look taller 1 to 2 inches instantly.

4. Mid-Calf Boots
If you are a fan of boots, you should change the type of boots you into the type of ankle-boots. Ankle-boots will give the effect of higher than mid-calf boots that make your feet sink.

5. Baggy Jeans
Fashion style this one is a big no for us growing short, baggy jeans because it will make our bodies shrink in the clothes we wear.

Well, that’s the 5 trends that should be avoided if you’re short. In addition to 5 of this trend, you still have many options that you can wear fashion to look more stylish! So, never had any reason to feel inferior even though we are short yes.

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