Fashion That Makes You Looks More Slim

October 29th, 2015

Fashion Yang Membuat Anda Tampak Lebih Langsing

Sometimes, some people seem more fat, shorter, taller or slimmer just by wearing a dress. This is the reason, why it is important choosing the right dress cut so the body does not look big or fat.

Even if you have a great body shape, there are a few fashion tricks that you can follow in order to be looked slim body, like a few tricks of the following fashion:

  • Wearing a V-Neck
    Not only shows a roomy chest, but chose a shirt with the neck V or so-called V-neck can also give the illusion of more gaunt face. With V-neck shirt, others will focus more on vertical length (height) rather than horizontally (width) of your body.
  • Wear high heels with a low cut
    Note the appearance of your feet, because it also helps make you taller, if you choose the right high heels. Choose shoes heels slightly tapered or type vamp. This will give the illusion of body height.

  • Wear jeans above the ankle
    Jeans You can also help give the illusion of height. Wear jeans or trousers above the ankle, giving the impression of legs. Avoid pants under the ankle, because it gives the impression of greatness and length trousers.
  • Wear clothes with vertical lines
    It seems this is a common trick, which is to avoid clothes with horizontal stripes. Wear clothes with vertical stripes and this will give a higher posture and slim.
  • Wear a small belt
    Wear a small belt for oversized or loose clothing that could give the impression of a smaller body. Conversely large belt gives the impression of a large body. Wear a belt above the waist or just below the chest will blur the attention to the curves.
  • Wear black stockings along the foot
    As well as wearing black clothes, wearing a black stocking can also give the illusion of more foot ladder and thin. Wear stockings along the foot or cover the entire foot.

Well, that’s some simple tips to fool the eye so that the body look slimmer. Whatever the style of your choice, you are beautiful so yourself.

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