Fashion For Men Seem Higher

April 30th, 2015

fashin laki agr kelihtan tinggi

Have the ideal body is a dream for everyone both women and men. Has a high posture is also a dream of many people, especially men. Men with high posture often looks more attractive.

However, for those who have a body posture is not too high, do not be discouraged. There are various ways that can help you look taller with different types of clothing and accessories that are used.

Here are some fashion that can make a man look look taller:

1. Avoid Clothing Black
Using black dress full from top to bottom will only make you look smaller. Try to choose a gray suit or blue colors more attractive.

2. Tie Slim
Wear a tie with the small size and not too wide. This can help you look taller with a slim tie.

3. Use Short Shirt
Short shirt may display the balance of the body and keep your body proportions. Do not use a shirt that is too long because it will only make you as if he were wearing the wrong clothes with a gauge or even wear clothes other people.

4. Short Hair
Hair is also very influential on your appearance. Short hair tends to make the neck and chin look longer.

5. Use the Pas Pants
Some men may be happy with the pants that look longer and give some creases and make a pile on top of the shoe. For those of you who want to look taller, try to use the trousers without folds so as not to cause waves in the top of the shoe. This can make legs look longer and higher.

6. Buttons on the Top Navel
If you make a coat or jacket. Put buttons above the navel to create the impression of longer legs and ladder.

7. Avoid Vest
Using vest can make you look shorter. In addition, the vest will only draw attention to your midsection and keep the view of the other part.

8. Avoid the use of belt
Avoid using the belt as this can make you appear shorter. If you must wear a belt, try to match it with pants that you use to make it look more attractive and in accordance with the clothing.

9. Use V-Neck
Shirt with a v-neck shape will give the impression of a longer neck. Use these clothes, but do not use models v-neck excessive.

10. Avoid Short Sleeve Shirt
Short-sleeved shirt can provide a short impression on your feet. Better to use a long-sleeved shirt and rolled up if you feel the heat. Moreover, this can be a fashion look that appeals to men.

Similarly, information about the Fashion For Men’s Fashion Looks Higher, hopefully this information useful for you guys in the dressing.

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