Dressed in order Looks Classy

September 14th, 2015

Berbusana agar Terlihat Berkelas

So that the dress looks classy You do not need to wear the branded clothing. You can wear a variety of clothing brands, but there are conditions.

What are they? Here’s his review :

– Use accessories that create the appearance of a classic look, or accessories that could become your statement. Select accessories such as belts, scarves, watches, necklaces and bracelets with gold and silver. Similarly to wear colored shoes clear with gold accents.

– Wear clothing that has a black or white. Therefore, both these colors give the effect of classic classy. If you are not fond of the monochrome color, try to wear clothing with different textures such as leather, chiffon, cashmere, cotton and velvet.

– Did you know the metallic color clothing suitable if you want to look classy. You just have to wear a dress, jacket or skirt wana metallic, combined with a plain color clothing.

– Avoid wearing neon colored clothes or print, because the fashion is not able to provide a classy effect. But some like leopard print dress, tartan, polka dots, gingham could be your choice, but note pulacuttingan clothing. Search cuttingan model clothes that fit your body.

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