Dress when Pregnant

November 27th, 2013
Maternity Clothes

Maternity Clothes

At the time of pregnancy are many things that need to be prepared along with the many changes that occur , and of course one of them is a change in your body along with the enlargement of your stomach . With this change , many things that have to be adjusted , ranging from diet , lifestyle , and that is not less important is the pattern of your maternity clothes .

Required special tips in choosing these maternity clothes , so as to support your pregnancy but also can make your days remain comfortable . Here are some tips that you can do in terms of the selection of maternity clothes .

Maternity Clothes

Prioritizing convenience in choosing maternity clothes . Adjust to your personal taste . If indeed you do not feel comfortable wearing long frocks at the time before pregnancy , does not need to force yourself to buy clothes like that only with the assumption that all pregnant women to wear .

During pregnancy your metabolism is higher than usual , you will feel hot and sweating a lot , therefore choose maternity clothes from natural materials , cold Choose materials such as cotton is more comfortable to wear than synthetic materials , woven materials and loose clothing well will make you feel cool your body will feel warmer . Now has many attractive models of maternity clothes .

Buy maternity clothes that feels comfortable when worn and has quality materials . Remember , a collection of maternity clothes you will not like regular clothes , so you will often wear . For that , no matter shell out more for a shirt , instead you end up having to buy some clothes because previously felt less comfortable .

When clever sewing , you can create your own . Now also has a lot of pants sold strappy , kimono dress , dress without waist and robes , indeed all kinds of clothes was not pregnant , but it is ideal to be worn during and after pregnancy. If you plan to breastfeed their own , looking for something that is easy to open and washed .

At the end of the pregnancy , the presence of the waistband on a skirt and pants disturbing . Maybe it’s better you choose to use a jumpsuit .

Maternity Shoes

The ligaments , connective tissue of the joints , your feet softened and stretched in pregnancy , as well as other body parts , so you should look for a shoe that fits . Standing too long it will also make your legs tense , so try to sit down whenever you have time . Pregnancy can make you become less good balance and body will tend to lean forward . Use low-heeled shoes or no heels , and avoid the spiky -heeled , because easy to make fall . At the end of the pregnancy wear shoes half a size larger numbers , especially if your feet swell .

Stockings and Tight Pants

Do not use elastic elastic stockings , which can interfere with blood flow in the legs and causes varicose veins . Using stockings or leggings before leaving the bed can help prevent varicose veins . Wear leggings open house or unit if you are suffering from vaginal infections . Try to always buy leggings pregnant a larger number than usual , because of the same size can make you miserable .


Special underwear for pregnant women is actually not needed . You simply buy some pants to wear and comfortable material with a larger size . Cotton would be better for all the clothes in , especially if you sweat a lot , but it also can prevent vaginal infections .

Selection of Bra

At the end of the pregnancy you need a bra two sizes larger than normal , otherwise it will be enlarged About a chest circumference of 8 to 10 cm . Pakaialah is good in your body , do not buy without trying it first . Bra should help hold the breast without pressing the nipple , and the strap should be wide enough so as not to hurt your shoulders .
Elastic bra straps should not be used because it is less able to hold well . Breasts contain no muscle tissue , so that when loosened during pregnancy , will not be able to return to normal . Good bra can also prevent scar strain . Before delivery , when your breasts swell and feel heavy , it could not hurt to wear a bra while sleeping . There are also bras designed specifically for breastfeeding mothers that can be worn during pregnancy and after childbirth . The front can be dibukan to breastfeed , while the rear can be adjusted according to your bust . Preferably , when menysusui avoid bras that can not dibukan entire breast , not just nipples and disektiarnya network , becomes active when breastfeeding , and bra in front of the lid , can resist the flow of breast milk .

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