Do not Overcome Body Odor with Perfumes

May 3rd, 2016

Do not Overcome Body Odor with Perfumes

The problem of body odor is very disturbing. Most of the people there is even cope with spraying perfume. However, do you know if the steps taken by the wrong? Because the body odor problems that arise during the activity due to the growth of bacteria, which can not be overcome only with perfume.The problems arise due to the secretion (sweat) that comes out through the apocrine glands and mixed with bacteria. Step right necessarily eliminate body odor by removing bacteria, not spray perfume on the body that produce sweat.

It simply contain fragrance perfume and alcohol, there is no anti-perspirant substances that can reduce bacteria. So its use is not recommended.Furthermore, adding if spraying perfume in the armpit was not recommended. Besides can cause skin irritation, when mixed with body odor, the odor generated will be even less savory.

Perfume is sprayed into the armpit is not recommended because it can cause irritation, skin armpit area of the thin and sensitive.Plus if the smell of perfume mixed body odor, the smell would be unpalatable. So it is most appropriate is the use deodorant.

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