Cool accessories made of leather frog

December 10th, 2013


Monika Jarosz , which is a designer from Poland has managed to turn a frog into a variety of thousands of cool fashion accessory . To create his work , Monika Jarosz using highly toxic cane toad , which is commonly found in the South Sea Islands , Australia .

This frog species originally brought from Hawaii in 1935 to control beetles breeding cattle in Australia . However , the mission failed and the frogs start breeding at an alarming rate .

According to reports , there are more than 200 million cane toad who now live in the South Sea Islands , Australia . To that end , the Australian Army , too, are deployed to get rid of this poisonous frog species . Seeing this phenomenon , Monika who initially was disgusted at the frog , are interested in making accessories made ??from frogs .

With the help of a dermatologist from Australia , Monika successfully developed the process of converting a frog into a wide variety of high value fashion accessory . Three years later , Monika markets its products under the brand Kobja . He also launched a wide selection of beautiful accessories , such as belts , handbags and purses made ??entirely from frog skin .

According to the official website Kobja , it takes more than 14 stages to obtain high -quality leather from the skin of frogs . After the pickling stage completed in Australia , tanned skin , dried and dyed in France . The skin then transported to a convection in Paris to be cut , sewn and fitted with crystals or stones . Accessories frog skin was then coated with sheep or goat skin to strengthen the resilience of the skin .

Monika attempt to introduce frog skin as an ingredient to make a wide range of luxury accessories , has attracted worldwide attention . Its products can now be found in luxury fashion stores in Asia , Europe and the United States . Monika -made wallet is priced between USD 300 to USD 350 , while for the bag sells for $ 1600.

For you fans of the unique and bizarre fashion , fashion accessories might be made ??of poisonous frogs shall be your collection . So , if you are interested to buy it ?

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