Clothing style Predicted Trends in 2015-2016

January 1st, 2015

trend 2015

The development trend of the fashion world is certainly influenced by technology, culture, lifestyle and natural changes. To determine the trend in 2015 and 2016, the fashion experts conduct research and surveys and then translate it into a book.

The book titled ‘Re + Habitat’ It discusses the trends predicted to be born two years. Currently attending seminars Wolipop Trend Forecasting, four speakers in attendance predicts four major themes that will color fashion trends 2015/16. Four theme is that alliance, Biomimetics, Adroit, and veracious. Here’s the description:

1. Alliance
According to fashion designer and teacher at the academy of fashion, Dina Midiani, alliance became one of the fashion color trends in the coming year. Trends alliance is a blend of traditional and modern elements are modified to become more simple charm that remains motifs blend of Indonesian culture.

“There are elements relevant elements of the motif are simplified, for example translating glove to make it look modern or motive machete and folds above the transparent material. The element of traditional displayed.

Which is shown more harmonious color neutral shades like black plain, transparent white, silver, gold, but combined with a touch of traditional motifs. Silhouette will also be simpler and elegen also asymmetric.

2. Biomimetics
Biomimetics trends inspired by nature and the destruction of endangered ecosystems. Colors are displayed as blood red, ivory white, electric, dark blue, and green moss. The color is inspired by the human body organs, DNA, bacteria, algae, and corals that have been damaged.

That’s the prediction of fashion years 2015 – 2016 which will be the latest fashion. Are you interested in fashion 2015 – 2016?

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