Choosing Lingerie

April 25th, 2015

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Underwear into things we wear almost any time. With a variety of models, patterns or colors diverse, making the buyer, khususunya the women confused the choice. Underwear chosen may simply based models cute or attractive colors, but there are more important things to consider when you buy underwear because one option could cause problems on your sex organs.

Maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of sex organs would be very important. Various problems can arise due to wear clothes that do not fit in, ranging from irritation characterized by itching or red rash, infection of the sex organs, vaginal discharge, or may also inhibit pregnancy.
In order to avoid these problems, preferably in choosing underwear is not only based on color and pattern that looks cute, colorful or choose underwear model that will make the body look sexy. It is more important than appearance is the comfort and health of your sex organs.

Although not visible, but there are some things you need to consider when choosing lingerie, among which are:

  1. Material
    Cotton, silk, satin, lycra or polyester are some basic ingredients used to make underwear. Where suitable material chosen is a material that will make you comfortable and do not create intimate areas become damp. We recommend that you choose underwear made of a material that can absorb sweat. This also applies when choosing a bra material to be charged.
    The best material is cotton to absorb sweat. Especially when you perform heavy physical activity that will trigger you sweat, cotton will make the sex organs can breathe so prevent the development of bacteria that can spoil. To pantys with materials that do not absorb sweat should be used at times when you are not too much sweat.
  2. Model
    Wide range of models makes you have to carefully choose the right model to wear. Choosing the right model will make your intimate areas avoid irritation, blisters, or sores.
    For day-to-day activities you should select underwear model that is able to cover the entire section. Model french cut brief, high cut brief, hipsters or bikini may be an option. This model is able to cover the front and back with a more perfect, so as to protect your intimate areas.
    For the bra, you should choose a bra with a cup which is able to cover, especially if used for a long time such as at work or other activities. Padding on the bra should be adjusted so that not too thick because it can lead to a lack of air circulation in the area. Good bra should be able to support breast perfectly. Besides cup is also required that the appropriate cord so it does not change the shape of the breast. Bra with wire is recommended to be worn in daily activities.
    Panties with other models such as the thong or g-string at the back is so thin that only resembles a rope should not be used in the long term. Friction between the thin panties with your sex organs can cause painful blisters on the vagina. While the model that resembles short boy shorts in men can cause irritation or itching on the thighs because the model is closed.
  3. Size
    Comfy underwear will be charged if the size fits the body, not the greatness and also not too small. Underwear that is too tight can be excruciating wearer, in addition to the areas that are closed causing air circulation can not be run properly. Whereas if the size is too big, it can not cover up perfectly and for oversized bras, breast can not be supported properly.

Choosing the right underwear can help your intimate areas protected and maintained their health. Plus also, hygiene underwear that must be maintained, both when washing or storage. Maintaining the health of the sex organs are very important. It can be started by choosing the right underwear. Thus infromasi that can be delivered.

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