Choice Lip Gloss for Lips

July 29th, 2015

Pilihan Lip Gloss  untuk Bibir

LIP GLOSS become one of the favorite cosmetic items of women, especially those who are still teenagers. Some of them choose to apply lip gloss in comparison with colored matte lipstick because it is easier to be removed.

The use of lip gloss in the morning is a thing that is not recommended because it makes you look overdone makeup. Use a nude-colored lip gloss to obtain the perfect look.

More details, following review how to choose a lip gloss is good for you to apply, as follows :

  • Brand
    Choose a lip gloss with a kind of a good brand. Each brand cosmetics certainly have differences in quality and shape. Good brand also make your lips sparkle last long.

  • Dry lips
    When you have chapped lips, avoid using lip gloss. Restore the natural ways first.
  • The color of the skin and lips
    To get a perfect result, choose a lip gloss according to skin color and the color of your lips. By doing so, your lips will look more volume and look fuller.
  • Comfort
    Choose a lip gloss that makes you more attractive and feel comfortable when using it.
  • Adjust the time
    It is important to choose the right lip gloss during morning or evening. In the morning, choose a nude color, while for evening choose bright colors.
  • Lipstick
    In order to view the lips become more perfect, you can apply lip gloss lipstick after use.

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