Cheap Sunglasses Harmful to your Health

May 12th, 2012


Eyeglasses or sunglasses also called the much loved the young people or their
who want to improve the style and appearance to be more cool and attractive. circulation many cheap sunglasses (cheap sunglasses) certainly easier, but on the other hand also endanger the health of the eyes and head.

It is of course very understandable given the quality offered glasses. The cheap black sunglasses are not comparable to the expensive price marketed in outlets sunglasses reliable. Cheap quality comparable to prices cheap sunglasses is not able to filter sunlight and beam radiation with good even lead to anomalous light (light bending effects) that are harmful to the eyes.

Anomaly light produced cheap sunglasses will trigger visual impairment
double & headaches. Joanna Pearl, a senior health research institutions in the UK said:

“While this issue is not going to cause long-term damage to vision, but will continue to cause discomfort, because glasses are not met standards to be used ”
This inconvenience arising from the lens used on a variety of sunglasses
cheap does not meet the standard laboratory tests, in contrast to Oakley sunglasses original or genuine sunglasses various famous brands of sunglasses that every product they sale has been confirmed safe and comfortable for users.

Look stylish and attractive is important, but more important eye health. you should use original sunglasses.

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