Chanel Sell Luxury Tennis Ball for $450

May 28th, 2017

Who would have thought Chanel is now expanding its luxury market for all areas.Chanel is now no longer synonymous with high-fashionWomen through a collection of clothes and bags,but also for men or women who collect other luxuryGoods.

In the Spring / Summer collection of 2017,Chanel not only featured his iconic tweed jacket, but released tennis balls to the market.Chanel tennis ball is certainly not cheap,because it sold US $ 450.

Chanel-style tennis ball comes in classic classic colors, white with a black Chanel logo.Each US $ 450 spent, you will get a set of four balls and a quilted black leatherBag to keep it.

In fact not just Chanel who has a collection of luxury tennis balls. LouisVuitton also had released a leather tennis ball sold for US $ 1,000.

Before the release of tennis balls,Chanel also offers a luxury boomerang for US $1930. But the presence of the boomerang got a lot of criticism.The controversial Boomerang was released by Chanel as part of the spring / summer preview of 2017. Hopefully this article will provide useful information for you in adding knowledge about the world fashion, if there is any shortage in this article, please forgive, thank you.

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