Chanel Eyewear Launches New Line Theme Baroque

November 4th, 2012
the Bijou collection

the Bijou collection

Baroque theme was inspired many famous designers. After Dolce & Gabbana, Karl Lagerfeld now turn to launch a new eyewear line with the theme of the classic Italian-style church.

Self Baroque is a period that occurred in the 17th century in Rome, Italy. At that time people give the highest appreciation of works and objects of art in the Roman Catholic church. In modern times, as now, often referring baroque painting with intricate ornaments inspired by the nature and objects of ancient Greek myths.

Coco Chanel, founder of the fashion house Chanel is known so fond of jewelry collections with baroque themes. No wonder if the designer, Karl Lagerfeld took the style of the latest in a series of glasses, titled ‘the Bijou collection’.

Eyewear collection comes with a palette of pastels such as lilac, celadon green, turquoise and pink. However, to provide color variations, ‘the Bijou collection’ is also available in garnet and black colors. For design, the hallmark of Chanel continues to be felt with the look ladylike and timeless.

The touch was felt by the baroque detail Rumia screw on each side of the handle of glasses. Ornaments stating theĀ attend luxurious look in her silver and gold. In detail screw it, there like Chanel logo, the letter C are contradictory, and camellia leaf clover.

As for the frame ‘the Bijou collection’ can be obtained in the form of cat eyes. Suitable for you who like stylish feminine but still wanted to be different. Quoted from fashionetc, this eyewear collection can already be found in almost all Chanel boutiques.

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