Capturing beauty. Glamour photography tips

February 16th, 2014


Who doesn`t like some glamour? Yet capturing beauty is one of the most delicate parts of photography. It implies not only deep knowledge of your equipment and lighting, but a social ability that most of us need to train. Communicating with a model and giving directions about the right pose while making him or her feel comfortable is not a thing you learn over night or from books.

If you are really interested in learning everything you need to know about this art Photoion School – photography courses London offers some amazing in-depth Glamour Photography courses that will teach you everything you know. Here are just some of the basic principles you will learn, which are essential for your success as a glamour photographer.

The equipment is very important, but the most important is your camera. Sure, you need a posing stool, a large umbrella, reflectors, lights stands, a TV monitor to show up the pictures instantly, a fan, glamour wrapping, jewellery, clothes and you might even want to collaborate with a makeup artist. But the best glamour photographers can use only their camera and some adaptation to the surroundings to take the best shots.

First, you must be able to make the model feels comfortable and confident. One little trick is to hang a couple of large Glamour Photos in your studio that will make the model feel more relaxed. You attitude also matters.  Try to be assuring and to act as naturally as possible.

You need to communicate with the model and know his or hers boundaries. Discuss before the shoot how far you should go in terms of nudity and pose. Don`t get the model embarrassed or uncomfortable. You need to know your own boundaries as well as you`ll need to keep your cool and focus on taking great photos.

To be able to give directions you need to know what you want in the first place. Start studying fashion and glamour magazines and study the poses of the models. Remember or even keep your favourite images so you can show them later to the model. One other thing you can do is to demonstrate the pose you want. It might seem funny, but a relaxed moment and a good laughter is exactly what you need to make the model feel comfortable and to understand exactly what you want.  Ask for suggestions from the model as well, you want to catch that glimpse of originality and personality.

Keep shooting. Take as many photographs as you can. What goes through the model`s head influences her facial expression and her posture and sometimes you can get an amazing shot in the most unexpected moment, even on a short break. When the model poses make sure you are there taking as many photographs as you can. Always focus on the eyes and shoot slightly above the face. That will force her to look up and show the white part of the eyes. One other little trick is to suggest her to breathe through her mouth instead of her nose because the slight separation of lips is quite sexy.

If you are outside and you`re using natural light, wait for a half an hour or an hour and try again. Light will be different and so will your photos.

Take photos of many combinations of background, posture or natural light, that way you will surely get a few winner shots and they will be with more than just one pose. As I said, there are many secrets of the trade. If you want to learn almost all of them give Photoion School of Photography a call and enrol in one of the courses.

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