Beautiful and stylish wear Beanie

November 14th, 2013


Maybe you are confused, what is the beanie ? Names are not too familiar , but if you ‘ve seen the shape , guaranteed you will say ” oh so that’s the name beanie . It does knit hat . ”

Indeed, it is not always made ??or made ??from knitted , but this one warm hat began much-loved , much less many artists and celebrities also are beginning to choose a beanie for her style .

Generally , many wearing warm hat with a potluck style . In fact , some may not wash or wear due to being lazy with hair . In fact , other than that , there are styles you know that you can emulate . Psstt .. You can also make shampooing being lazy but want to still look stylish .

Look what the

Yes as its name suggests , simply use warm hat you sober . With a potluck hairstyle . Especially if your hair is long , wear suitableĀ  beanie . Typically , beanie paired with a soft sweater memorable .

with braids

In one occasion , Taylor Swift never wear this style one . Evidently, she still look beautiful even with a potluck style . Perhaps because of his work , he only had time to braid her hair and then wear a beanie . Suggested , next to ya braids . Will be somewhat messy make you look more natural .

bending once

Not because of length . but folded beanie also will enhance your appearance. So the origin of life did not look right? Wear it with a hair style that you put on the side . Little bangs are thrown to the side is also okay .

bangs style

This style is also being trendy lately . Incorporating all of the hair into a beanie and then leaving bangs in front . However , I really want to enjoy of this style is hair bangs and throw forward . This style is perfect for you who are lazy or have not had time to wash it .

Well , from some of the styles that we suggest above , so where ya are your favorite? Oh yes , the color of the beanie is also important you know. Indeed better wear dark colors if you do not want to be too flashy . But , if the clothes are not flashy , then wear a cute beanie and colorful .

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