Basic Tips for Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance

December 23rd, 2013

Many homes have some form of carpet installed, whether it be a rug or fully installed carpet pad. Carpet keeps us comfortable and provides a warm place for our feet to fall. In most cases, carpets are installed in bedrooms of the home or living areas. If hardwood floors are in these spaces, many homeowners will add a large rug so that they have somewhere warm to place their feet. Carpet is a great flooring option but one that must be cleaned on a regular basis to maintain its appearance, feel and durability.

Three Cleaning Tools

When cleaning carpets, there are three tools that are needed. These tools will be used to remove dirt, grime and spots from your carpets and keep them looking fresh and new. Having these items on hand will ensure that your carpet is always clean and will allow for carpet to go without reinstallation for many years.


First you will need a good quality vacuum. A vacuum with good suction will be able to pick up dirt, hair, pet hair and other particles that become lodged in the carpet fibers. A bag-less vacuum with high suction capacity will be able to do the job for you. This process should take place at least once every two to three days.

Spot Removers

Spot Removers

It is also important to remove spots as soon as they occur, though this cannot always take place. With wet spots, use a towel to spot the area and pick up the wetness. Once the wet spot is dry, use a reliable spot remover to pick up any leftover residue. A great option is a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and Dawn Dish Detergent. With one part Dawn to two parts Hydrogen mixed together; you can remove any stain easily!

Professional Clean

It is also important to have a professional clean your carpets every year to two years. A professional has the tools and materials to be able to remove tough ground-in dirt and grime. With this service, you will be able to make your carpet last for an extended period of time.

It is also important to try and be proactive with dirt and grime. There are many ways to prevent these materials from entering the home and making your carpet even dirtier. You can use mats outside of entry areas as well as inside to help reduce the amount of dirt that enters the home.

You can also have those who come in your home take off their shoes when they arrive to reduce traffic flow with dirty footwear. The air filters in the home can also be changed regularly to allow for proper filtration of the air in the home. This can help to remove dirt and dust that can easily be gathered into the carpet of the home.

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