Amazing Tips For A Clearer Skin

April 29th, 2015

Having a clear skin is definitely every woman’s desire. However, for those who suffer persistent skin blemishes it might be a little difficult to achieve this. Hopefully with these amazing pointers, your skin will clear up leaving you looking amazingly beautiful.

  1. Apply Lots Of Sunscreen

There are lots of people revealing that wearing sunscreen has definitely made them appear younger than they actually are. So why don’t you put it to the test? If you have any wrinkles on your face, it’s because of sun exposure. It’s easier to prevent them than try to fix them once they have started appearing.

You might choose to apply sunscreen during the summer days and forget all about it during winter according to any expert dermatologist. Remember, during the cold season there are a few sun rays that might appear and reflect on the sidewalks and buildings. Therefore, you need to buy the best sunscreen lotion that offers a broad spectrum of uses. For instance, the best sunscreen should prevent any wrinkles and also avoid causes of skin cancer.

  1. Clean Your Makeup Brushes Regularly

If you have been applying makeup with the same sponge or brush for a long time, there is a chance that your skin is riddled with blemishes. Remember, if not cleaned properly these makeup application tools usually contain bacteria, dirt and debris which might seriously affect your face. Therefore, you need to wash the brushes and sponges at least every month in warm water to avoid getting persistent skin blemishes. Don’t forget to air dry them completely because if wet sponges are mixed with makeup, it’s the perfect breeding ground from bacteria and germs.

  1. Add Mixed Nuts To Your Diet

Recent studies have identified that nuts are rich in a compound known as selenium. This is responsible for improving the skin’s elasticity and reducing the instances of cancer. Try out Brazil nuts, walnuts and any other types of nuts which contain omega 3 fatty acids that reduce breakouts and inflammations on the skin. Don’t forget about macadamia nuts since they contain fatty acids and oils that allow proper rejuvenation and repair of the skin. Try out a handful of such nuts each day for the best results.

  1. Try Out Serum

Serum has a higher concentration compared to lotion or creams, so you need to apply a small amount each day and wait for the results. Buy serum which contains antioxidants which remove any irritants in the skin and the rest of the body. Also, serum helps to boost collagen which provides a firm structure for the skin thereby boosting elasticity. For the best results, apply the serum to freshly washed skin. Apply sunscreen or skin moisturizer thereafter to allow proper hydration.

  1. Clean YourCellphone

A recent study identified that cellphones carry lots of germs, even worse than those found in a public bathroom. Most people can’t keep their phones out of their hands and constantly keep pressing them on their faces thereby transferring the germs. Therefore, in order to avoid skin breakouts and blemishes, you need to clean and sanitize your smartphone regularly.

Other foolproof ways of keeping your skin clear off blemishes is by cleaning your makeup thoroughly before applying or when going to bed. Also, don’t forget that using new beauty products with strange ingredients might be the reason why the blemishes never go away!

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