Alloy Clothing that Looks Attractive

September 2nd, 2011
Alloy Clothing that Looks Attractive

Alloy Clothing that Looks Attractive

Look pretty and feminine clothing that can be worn for all body shapes. The key is to highlight strengths and cover your weaknesses.

Wearing clothing (Boutique) gold and silver can confirm that a large part of the body. But avoid using metallic materials from head to toe. If large hips, choose loose-fitting pants of lightweight materials. Pair with a loose cardigan that fall below the hips.

For extra measure (Boutique), mix a metallic jacket with dark trousers were not shiny. Complete with a soft flat heels and simple accessories in matching colors.

Shades of black and white floral print and animal skin print, could be an alternative to enhance your body shape or choose a pattern animal skin print skirt with a model that is crossed (wrap dress). For extra body size, style cut bustling with single-breasted jacket or casual of lightweight materials and loose to give the impression of a sleek and cover the top of a large.

Choosing a dress with classic style can be used as a point of concern as well as to streamline effect. The lines that form a V or lines of small, very suitable for those of you who have extra body size. Or use a dark color like black or dark blue at the widest part of the body.

Mix well with high heels to give the impression of more slender. If you are slim waist, highlight with a belt on the line supervisor and use patterns that can be emphasized again. We recommend using the accessories simple and do not overdo it.

If you want the dress overalls floral patterns can also be worn in a large size and bright colors. If your body shape, add plain clothes crowded to break patterns and emphasizes the shape of your body. If great upper body, choose print style to subordinate combined with chiffon tops and belt cross models to create sexy curves. As for the extra size, select floral patterns that were smaller cardigan comes with bright colors to draw attention to the face.

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