According Accessories Body Shape

April 18th, 2015


Choosing accessories should be tailored to the shape of your body, from the shape of the face, hands, up to the neck condition. For maximum results, let’s follow tips on choosing accessories like below.

For you who have a round face shape, choose earrings or dangling elongated shape. This will create a more oval face and neck look long. For you who have a square shaped face, you should select the type of earrings or a large round-shaped stack model so you look more gaunt cheeks.

1. Necklace
For you who have a short neck shape or fat, avoid or necklace with a thick stack model, also not too tight. Wear lightweight and simple necklace. Set rather dangle fall into the chest so as to give space in the neck. This will give the impression of the neck more level. The most appropriate is a model necklace pendant or small chains.

2. Bracelet
For you who have large hands shape, avoid large bracelet, wear simple and small, so you can be cute and simple plasticity.
And lastly remember that accessories are complementary. So if you’ve seen heavy clothes so avoid heavy accessories as well. Quite wear simple accessories such as neutralizing appearance necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are simple or only consists of one layer only.

Conversely, if you are simple and plain clothes, wear accessories with details that can give color and sparkling performances by displaying your own personal style. And that should not be forgotten, adjust clothing and accessories with the theme when you wear it. Focus on one of the accessories, do all the accessories you want to highlight.

Have a variety of accessories that you can choose. Want a simple or many shades and layers, you can choose and you adjust to your personal. And do not forget, the type of accessories worn a woman also become personal mirror and character of the girls themselves. So, choose accessories that fit your style.

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