5 Mistakes Most Often Occurs Dressed

January 1st, 2013
mistakes dress

mistakes dress

Everyone will want to always look attractive and perfect in the dress. But sometimes, we incorrectly dressed. There are some of the most common dressing mistakes happen. What is it?

1. Not Dressed As Body Shape
Often women impose a certain dress, just because a trend regardless of whether it was suitable dress for her body shape. For example, wearing pants too tight so as to make the fat in the abdomen to sag, or wearing skinny jeans while your body is pear-shaped.

2. Wearing Loose Clothing
Some people were wearing very loose clothing to cover their huge bodies. In fact, the way it was even more revealing a great body. Dress fit body shape, not too tight nor too loose.

3. Using the Wrong Clothes Patterns
Some of the clothing patterns can give the effect of fuller body. For those of you who want to look slimmer, you should avoid too large abstract patterns, polka dots, full-printed, or a horizontal striped pattern.

4. ‘Matching’ of Head Up Feet
Pinch of red hair, red lipstick, red dress, red bag, red shoes and a red bracelet. Imagine if you walk in public with all the attributes of the same color. Attract attention, indeed, but not in a good way. If you are not Lady Gaga, then forget how to dress like this.

Dressed too mismatched not the right way to look stylish. Avoid wearing the same colors and patterns from top to bottom. You can dress with a black blouse, black pants, black shoes and even a black bag, but give a little color with an orange scarf, or necklace turquoise bobble. Try mix bright colors with neutral colors.

5. Excessive Accessories
For business accessories, ‘Less is More’ is the most appropriate sentence. You do not have to accumulate up to five necklace around the neck, wear bangles while carrying a bag with a lot of ornaments. Choose a bag with a minimalist design that is large enough to load your essential items. Add one large jewelry and perfected the look with a pair of elegant shoes.

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