5 Hair Style Women The Most Favored by Men

November 19th, 2011
hair braids

hair braids

Here are some hairstyles that are favored by men:

1. Loosely braid hair model, loose braid was more popular among men than braid tight. Style of a little country girl randomly able to make him excited.

2. Feminine Long Hair Style, long hair models this one is one of the hairstyles that can attract men. However, women who have long hair should be a little busy with a rather complicated hair care.

3. Model Pixie Cut, the woman who does not want preoccupied with a very troublesome hair care can cut it with a model Pixie Cut. Model one is guaranteed to make most men crazy.

4. Pigtail Hair Style Horse, With you change hairstyles like ponytail of course you will be the attention of men. Model one can show a dynamic setting and fun hair.

5. Wet Hair, Men menykai all that sexy, and there is no doubt though that wet hair look messy but the man really like the haircut.

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