Tie a shirt or jacket at the waist

November 20th, 2013
Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr

Besides overall , one of the most iconic fashion in the 90’s , shirts or jackets that tie at the waist . By the early 2000s , this mode was abandoned because it was outdated . But now , the trend was again victorious . Of male celebrities like Kanye West , to the beautiful model , Miranda Kerr also apply in day-to- day style .

1 . Miranda Kerr
Beautiful model , Miranda Kerr warm the body with color – block leather jackets are also impressed 90 ‘s . He perfected the retro look with a tie at the waist jeans jacket , as he leisurely stroll with her ??son , Flynn .

2 . Rihanna
We know Rihanna is one celebrity who is often inspired by the style of the 90s . So is the trend of the waist belt on the shirt . At that time , the singer of the song ‘ Diamonds ‘ is using denim trends ranging from shirts , shorts to full- stud . Her performance was enhanced with high boots , a hat and shades of denim shirts are only used as ornaments to be tied at the waist .

3 . Kanye West
Trend denim shirt tied at the waist , also followed by Kanye West . Rapper Kim Kardashian ‘s fiance also look fresh with matching white and blue denim . Part it looks neat because it combines T – shirt with tailor -cut blazer . Kanye combining semi- formal look of this with jeans and a matching denim shirt .