2013 Trends: Trousers Jeans Color Clear

December 16th, 2012
clear colour jeans

clear colour jeans

Denim pants or jeans, has the biggest market share in the world. For trends in 2013 or later, these pants will still continue to dominate with some new innovations, the owner said Standard Denim Supply Co., Marcel Lukman.

“Denim colorful would very loved in 2013,” Marcel said at a press conference in Jakarta Fashion Week, Jakarta, on Wednesday.

This trend occurs because many brands that manufacture denim jeans colorful like pink, red, yellow, or brown chino even greenish. “But there are three main things to consider in jeans trend, the three ‘f’; fit, finish, and fabric,” said Marcel.

Materials denim raw material type will always favored classic denim lover, Marcel said.

Made from raw denim is preferred because the longer will be the shape of the wearer’s body, so it will be more comfortable and look trendy when worn.

“The colors tend to be dark raw denim, denim connoisseurs preferred because it is easier for a unified body,” said Marcel.

As for the trend of the summer, light denim kind of finish will be popular because it gives the impression of relaxed faded colors produced.

“For the fabric and cutting, denim stretch material having a certain kind of skinny and straight is still a trend, and people are no longer using bray cut or boot cut,” says Marcel.

Cut bray or boot cut is a type of pants that fit at the hip to the knee, and has widened to ankles.

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