15 Tips Fashion Men

September 11th, 2011
attractive men

attractive men

It seems the term Do not judge the book by its cover is outdated, especially in terms of fashion. People often assume men in particular, the outward appearance is not important, as long as “it” or “personality”, perfect.

In terms of attraction, women want to establish further relationships with men who look attractive, creating a compelling first impression. Even the business relationship will be not interested in partnering with you, so just know you do not look attractive.

Here we provide 15 Tips and How to Dress Men’s Fashion:

1. Under Size – Fit is King. Make sure your clothes fit the size of your curves, because this is the most important thing in appearance. Many men wear over sized clothing to the body.

2. Simple – Of course you want to wear a fashion that can make you look attractive and cool, but do not overdo it. Selection of color clothes do more than 3 colors, do not use more than 3 kinds of accessories. Do not also look like a rock star, but if you are young band.

3. Casual – Change your perception of casual. Casual does not mean boring. Many men always wore suits mainstay, namely t-shirts and jeans. Add some accessories or other sweeteners. You can see an example in men’s magazines.

4. Dressage – primary legislation in the dressing is harmony between superiors and subordinates. If you use a boss corduroy jacket or blazer, use subordinates as jeans or cargo pants.

5. Never Shop Alone – Invite your friends especially if women want to buy clothes. Do not easily believe the sales / clerk, because they are usually working to earn commissions.

6. Customize the event – of course you may not be wearing a suit with a tie at the hangout spots. Adjust well to other people who come to the event.

7. Do not underestimate Detail – It is considered trivial, the first is usually viewed by others. Note the scarf, tie or your belt.

8. Use the Best Shoes – The first thing she noticed was the most in your shoes, especially the cleanliness. It might be easy to keep clothes clean and look new, but most men do not care about shoes. Demonstrate to others that you are a classy guy to have the best shoes, as this is the fastest way to show others that you care about yourself.

9. Avoid Logo On Clothing – When you go out with a big logo clothing, you look like a walking billboard.

10. Ignore Trend – You do not have to wear clothes just because of the current trend. Use clothing that is comfortable for you, then add a few accessories or accessories.

11. Do Glued Brand – If you want to buy clothes, ask yourself whether the currently “in style” or indeed fit to your body. Also notice the tips number 9, is there a big logo on the clothing.

12. Function Underwear – Underwear fixed underwear, used to absorb sweat, oil or dirt on the body. The underwear also works so you do not have to always wash your outer clothes, and to keep it nice and durable. Do not use a v-neck or crew neck alone with jeans.

13. Shaving your updgrade – Mustache and beard are not neglected, in the case of instant attraction killer would be the opposite sex.

14. Note Hair Style – Hair is also one of the main things that women notice. Match your hairstyle forms the shape of your head. The wrong hairstyle will reduce the quality of performances.

15. Experimenting with Style – Learn new things in fashion, how to dress, do not be afraid to try and make a mistake. Many men are afraid to express themselves through style.

So, if you want to go hang out with friends or attending a formal event and want to lure beautiful women you’ll meet, do not forget to follow the 15 tips men’s fashion.

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