10 errors in the selection of women fashion

December 10th, 2011


Every woman always wants to look beautiful, especially in the Fashion women. To support the performance, they tend to want to be the first one to follow fashion trends
Fashion woman or current.

Unfortunately, there are some mistakes that dress might not notice but they often do. Here are 10 mistakes list Fashion women who often
made women:

1. Wearing clothes that are too loose.

There is an appropriate type of clothing loose, but there are also
and who does not deserve to be. One model suitable loose clothing worn
this summer is the bubble skirt. This dress will look fabulous when paired
with tight tops and large belts.

2. Wearing red and green at the same time.

Honestly, you will be more visible
like a Christmas tree. Red and green are the two colors that you should avoid its use

3. Dirty shoes.

Quite embarrassing really, keep in mind that there are some people who judge first look at the cleanliness of shoes being worn.

4. Short skirt and a short dress.

If you want to wear mini skirts, avoid choosing
short dress as a counterpart. Vice versa, if you wear jeans
want to wear a short dress. In addition you will also feel uncomfortable, you better be
looks tormented wear.

5. Avoid wearing excessive jewelry.

A pair of earrings, a necklace, some rings coupled with a brooch, it would seem redundant to your appearance.

6. Wearing clothes that do not fit your body.

Do not push yourself to follow trends Fashion female, because most of us do not have a body like a model and not all fashion trends suit your body.

7. More than one pattern.

Avoid wearing clothing in Fashion women who are too crowded and more than one style. If you choose a floral dress tops, then do not
never combine it with plaid slacks or the like.

Try to only show one pattern or motif on appearance. Plaid slacks you will
look harmonious when paired with superior one color.

8. Tight clothing is not for everyone.

Not all fashion trends suit everyone.
Some people must avoid certain trends. One is the trend of tight pants like leggings. These pants will look attached or attached to the skin and shows the shape of your foot. So, if you do not have the form of beautiful feet then do not ever wear it.

9. The selection of underwear.

It’s very important to note in Fashion women. When you use the pants or skirt made of rather thin white or colored, preferably
Do not use ordinary but choose thong underwear. Alternatively choose underwear white or nude colored.

10. Combining with all the fashion sneakers.

Convenience is one of the considerations in selecting the type of footwear. Most people like to combine with jeans skirt sneakers. As long as they do not very often wear it every chance.

Hopefully this information can be useful for you in a dress.

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