Tips to Stay Beautiful While Hiking

August 5th, 2015

Tips Tetap Cantik Saat Mendaki Gunung

In the present era more and more are beginning to realize the importance of health themselves by exercising and today many sports options that can be done for it. One is the extreme sport mountain climbing. This exercise even though the risk is quite big but be an attractive option for someone who likes adventure, a challenge that is supported by the natural beauty. This sport was originally only performed by certain circles, nature lovers example. But now the sport has expanded so it can be enjoyed by all people is not limited to gender once. In fact, not a few women who have a hobby of mountain climbing.

This time will provide 9 tips for women who love mountain climbing to stay beautiful while doing it :

  • Prepare physically before climbing.
    The physical preparation must be done for you that will make the climb, this is done in order to maintain the strength and health. You will not look beautiful when falling ill while climbing, there you will look pale and tragic.
  • Do not forget to bring the equipment to clean themselves.
    Even if you are traveling in the mountains, you’ll still have to pay attention to cleanliness of the body. On the way you will not necessarily find a place to get cleaned up, so do not forget to bring wet wipes that will help you cleanse the body.

  • Bring deodorant
    Clear mountain climbing makes you extra sweat, to avoid the odor that would interfere with traveling companions and your confidence, you have to carry and use a deodorant to control it.
  • Take a quick cleaning multicolored shirt.
    In climbing you can not rely on the sun for drying clothes, so you should take a quick dry shirts that will dry quickly when aerated without having to rely on sunlight. These shirts are also available in various attractive colors that will beautify your trip and you look at the camera lens.
  • Sunblock
    Who says to the mountain does not need to use sunblock? Mountain air sometimes hot, dry, heat and cold even make you desperately need a sunblock of at least SPF 30. You do not want your skin is damaged, dry, flaking and discolored simply because of forgetting to use sunblock.
  • Night creams road continues.
    Do not let this interfere with your hobby routine maintenance that you have done so far. You can still do it, although only clean the face with a special wet wipes.
  • Lipbalm
    Chapped lips would be very disturbing appearance. In climbing, you will face erratic weather, it will make your lips dry skin and flaking. So prepare lipbalm climb your default list.
  • Sunglasses
    Sunglasses not only protect your eyes from the sun or small objects that might enter the eye. Sunglasses also can be attractive accessories that you wear while posing in shooting.
  • Stylish with slayer.
    Slayer could be a good companion for stylish, because slayer able to disguise your hair is a mess as a result could not care for climbing. Slayer not only for style, slayer capable of being protective neck when cold and protect the head during the heat.

That 9 tips for mountain lovers who still want to look attractive. Do not let your trip enjoyable disturbed by the images of yourself that is disappointing.

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