Causes of Underarm Rough Skin and How to Take care

June 26th, 2016

Causes of Underarm Rough Skin and How to Take care

EVERY person would want a bright and clean skin. However, there are some people who complain have a problem with underarm color tend to be dark, rough, until irritation. As a result, for women, it can make him feel shy and not confident when wearing sleeveless clothing. So, what is the cause of underarm skin becomes rough?

Generally, the armpit area have sweat glands and hair follicles. If not cleaned properly, there will be a buildup of dead skin that cause armpit area thickens and rough. Moreover, in the habit of shaving the wrong. Such as shaving hair too short or directions that are not appropriate to make the rest of the hair roots become rough or ingrown hair skin surface, which facilitates rough and irritated underarm skin. Last part flaky skin when shaving process is repeated so that the skin surface becomes uneven and dry.

Well, to keep the woman’s underarm skin becomes healthy, bright, and avoid irritation? Among other things, you can choose a comfortable dress material and absorbs perspiration, use a suitable anti-perspirant and not excessive, keep clean armpit with regular baths especially if depleted sweating a lot. If necessary, you can use a shaving cream before shaving and after-shave moisturizer. Lastly, consult your doctor if it is less improved or skin abnormalities persist, such as red, black layer, until flaky.

How To Take Care Sensitive Skin

May 25th, 2016

How To Take Care Sensitive Skin

Having sensitive skin treatments that would require extra caution. Yes, a little wrong in using beauty products can result in the onset of redness, itching, irritation to the skin. In order to keep the skin shine and glow, be sure to treat the skin exactly. Here are the tricks in dealing with sensitive skin, such as the following:

  • moisturizers
    Lack of moisture on the face can be a cause of a number of skin problems. Specifically, if you have sensitive skin types. Therefore, you need to use a skin moisturizer at least twice a day.
  • Check the content of the product make-up
    One of the things that should not be missed is to check the content of the product make-up. Yes, because it has sensitive skin types it is necessary caution in choosing a product make-up right. It never hurts to put some of these products on the skin. If you give a reddish reaction to irritation, then you should leave the product.
  • Sunblock
    Exposure to sunlight can be harmful to the skin, especially for those who have sensitive skin. Be sure to always apply sunscreen or sunscreen on the skin of the face and body before going out.

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Do not Overcome Body Odor with Perfumes

May 3rd, 2016

Do not Overcome Body Odor with Perfumes

The problem of body odor is very disturbing. Most of the people there is even cope with spraying perfume. However, do you know if the steps taken by the wrong? Because the body odor problems that arise during the activity due to the growth of bacteria, which can not be overcome only with perfume.The problems arise due to the secretion (sweat) that comes out through the apocrine glands and mixed with bacteria. Step right necessarily eliminate body odor by removing bacteria, not spray perfume on the body that produce sweat.

It simply contain fragrance perfume and alcohol, there is no anti-perspirant substances that can reduce bacteria. So its use is not recommended.Furthermore, adding if spraying perfume in the armpit was not recommended. Besides can cause skin irritation, when mixed with body odor, the odor generated will be even less savory.

Perfume is sprayed into the armpit is not recommended because it can cause irritation, skin armpit area of the thin and sensitive.Plus if the smell of perfume mixed body odor, the smell would be unpalatable. So it is most appropriate is the use deodorant.

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How to Form the Perfect Eyebrow

April 19th, 2016

How to Form the Perfect Eyebrow

Eyebrow is the most important thing for women today. However, many women do not know how to shape eyebrows. As a result they make any eyebrows even disfiguring.Eyebrows also is not easy, perfect eyebrow shaping takes practice. If your eyebrows perfect baseball, naturally, continue to continue to exercise. You know yourself, and will know how eyebrows are good for you. Also explain if the eyebrows should be adapted to the shape of the face, to provide a perfect silhouette when filling eyebrowsface.

All of the character’s face. If the face of the box to never use straight eyebrows. If the bullet made a strong eyebrow at the top to form into an oval face.Face and eyebrows can make the face look slimmer, or make the face more beautiful. The most important form the frame on his brow. Yes mostimportant point to make first, and then make a new frame filled eyebrows.

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Drinking Bottle It So Luxury Accessories

March 1st, 2016

Botol Minum Ini Jadi Aksesori Mewah

PLACE drinking water in addition to functioning as a water reservoir, now also serves as an accessory. Yes, especially now that there are drink bottles with paper forms.

Transparent drinking bottle is made so as to form A4 or A6. The form is interesting, and this classic, will add to your style in appearance. Moreover, these bottles are environmentally friendly, and can between your laptop in the bag.

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Natural Recipes Make Skin Younger

January 27th, 2016

Resep Alami Bikin Kulit Lebih Muda

Getting younger skin does not always wears treatments such as botox or filler instance. But can also use natural ingredients.

In fact, using natural ingredients can make the face look 10 years younger. How to? Here’s his review:

Steam your face with honey and lavender oil

Necessary materials:

– 5 cup water

– 1 teaspoon of cider vinegar

– 1 tsp honey

– 4 drops of lavender oil.

How to use:

– Heat the water, then pour into a container.

– Mixed with honey, balsamic vinegar, and lavender and stir well.

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Here Color Blonde Appropriate Skin

January 6th, 2016

Berikut Warna Pirang yang Sesuai Kulit

HAIR blond or blonde always be an option in hair coloring. But be careful, lest you either select a color. Choose a blonde color that matches the color of your skin, in order to display the maximum self. The following description of the recommended blonde color matches the color of the skin, such as the following:

  • Fair skin
    For those of you who have white skin color tends to pale porcelain for example like Gwen Stefani. Then the platinum blonde color so the right choice. According to the professional colorist, Rita Hazan. The reason platinum blonde color suitable for white porcelain, because the shades of two colors are adjacent.
  • Medium
    Golden ombre could be a suitable alternative for you with medium colored skin alias in the middle. Not pale white but not too dark. To get this color, ask the expert coloring to add a wide variety of tones of honey highlights in the middle of the hair, with the upper side of the head were soft brown base color and color light again at the lower end of the hair.

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Mix Tricks Shirt White with Skinny Jeans

December 23rd, 2015

Trik Padu Kaus Putih dengan Skinny Jeans

White T-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans are two women’s favorite item of all time. Not only for the casual appearance alone, a blend of white shirt and trousers skinny jeans can be used in a variety of display styles.

Do not believe? Consider a solid match white shirt and skinny jeans pants below, as follows:

  • Punk
    Wearing a white shirt and a pair of skinny jeans are not only giving the appearance that’s it. Try punk style by adding a button-down shirt and Doc Martens boots or black.
  • Rock
    You rock fans? There is no harm to integrate a white T-shirt, pants skinny jeans, and a black leather jacket while watching rock music festival. Choose a pair of skinny jeans ripped and use boots, sneakers, or strappy shoes.

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How To Overcome Hair Branching

December 23rd, 2015

Cara Tepat Atasi Rambut Bercabang

PROBLEM branched hair is one of the serious hair problems. Therefore, there should be special care to handle it.

The most effective treatments to overcome that by doing a branched hair trim. Here are some steps to overcome branched hairs, as follows:

  • Make sure the hair is not wet or drenched. Comb your hair, then tie a ponytail. Take hair tied and looking toward the front end of the forked.
  • Next, cut the split ends. This is done to get healthy hair condition.
  • After cutting the split ends, hair ties loose and let loose. Now comb your hair back.

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High Quality Affordable Formal Dresses at WedBoom

December 3rd, 2015


Finding the perfect dress that suit our taste and budget can be really tricky especially if you have no idea where to go for it. This is true that formal dresses can be purchased locally, especially with so many dress shops and boutiques are available in the town. However, mostly they put unreasonable price tag upon it. For anyone with very limited budget in hand, they should consider finding new alternative solution to it. One of them is by going online. Yes, there are endless options of online shops where people can find and buy any type of formal dresses they want, and surely with much competitive pricing to enjoy.

It isn’t anymore a secret that online market is always able to offer customers with more competitive pricing than what local market can offer.  If you are looking for something cheaper to buy then most likely you can count on the online market for best solution to it. One of the best websites people should go for high quality yet affordable Formal (Prom) Dresses will be This site has the most extensive dress collections designed to fulfill anyone’s expectation no matter what type and model of formal dress they needed.

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